Talking Kitchen Scale with LCD display


  • Scale announces weight in Grams, Pounds, Ounces & volume in ml
  • Can measure solids & liquids
  • Capacity 3g-5000g / 5000 or 1300Ml
  • Easy to operate using tactile buttons
  • Clear English Male voice
  • Easy to see measuring jug with Easy Grip
  • Will not tip over easily
  • 2 X AAA batteries (not inc.)
  • Jug also available as separate item

Talking Kitchen Scale with Easy to See Jug

  •                     Talking Kitchen Scale with Jug TDS001


    Talking Kitchen scale with 5Kg/11lb capacity also measures liquids up to 1300mL. The Easy to see measuring jug/bowl has a foam easy grip handle and a spout with a locating recess to help with locating and steadying the jug when pouring into other containers. Its large flat base makes it very stable and fits securely over the weighing platform of the scale.

    Inserting batteries

    Turn the scale over and locate the rectangular battery door in the centre of the base. Pull the latch towards the door and lift to open the door.
    Insert 2 x”AAA” Alkaline batteries, ensuring that the flat – end of the
    battery is against the springs.
    The scale will come on and announce “ Power on” To turn off press and hold the raised circular On, Off/TARE button to the right of the display.

    Using the scale

    Place the scale on a firm flat surface . To turn on press the raised
    circular On, Off / TARE button to the right side of the display. The scale will announce “Power On” The display will show all of the LCD segments and then 0g or 0mL or 0: 0.0lb oz depending on which unit was last selected. Selecting measuring unit By pressing the raised circular UNIT button to the left of the display the measuring unit can be selected the scale will announce “Gram” when g is selected, next press will select “Millilitre” mL , then “Ounce” for Lb and oz.

    To start weighing

    The scale can be used with or without the jug. Press the TARE button and the scale will set to zero and announce ”Zero” add the material to be weighed and after the weight has stabilised the scale will announce the weight in g or lb &oz or volume in mL The weight announcement always starts with the words “It is” i.e “It is seventy five grams”( Please note that liquid volume in ml is based on water density and should be used as an approximate guide some materials will be slightly more or less volume than announced due to their density i.e. oil weighs less than water) . The weight will also be shown on the LCD display. To hear the announcement again lift the jug momentarily from the scale and gently place it back on. It may take a few seconds to stabalise. To add and weigh another ingredient, press the TARE button , the scale will announce “Zero”, add the next ingredient and the weight of this ingredient will be announced. The scale measures to within approx. 5g / 0.1oz the announced weight may differ slightly to the displayed weight within these amounts.

    To turn off

    press and hold the On/off /TARE button for approx. 5 seconds, the scale will announce “Power off” and switch off.
    If the scale is left switched on without being used for several mins it will automatically turn off ( and announce “Power off”) to save battery.
    Important: When the batteries are low the scale voice will talk
    disjointedly and will announce disjointed words when switched on, this shows that the batteries must be replaced.
    Take extra care when using the jug with hot contents.
    Cleaning the scale: Do not immerse the scale body in water, wipe with a damp cloth and ensure it is dry before use, do not use abrasive cleaning materials. 


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