When it comes to tackling a small threshold with simplicity and ease, then look no further than an Excellent System ramp kit. Each kit includes a part pre-assembled ramp, fixings and fitting instructions and can be installed in a matter of minutes.


Can be used to overcome threshold heights up to 148mm


All kits are 750mm wide as standard and suitable for 1 side of a threshold (i.e. 2 kits required to complete both sides)


Quick to install and can be used with our modular ramp system or other portable ramp equipment


Tiles can be cut to size as required to suit the threshold


Each kit is packaged partly pre-assembled and comes with all the necessary components.


The flexibility of Excellent Systems enables it to be used in situations and locations where other portable equipment may not be suitable.


Excellent Systems is the most versatile access product on the market. Available in both component and kit form, it can be used to create ramps of many shapes and sizes, from small threshold ramps to larger access solutions. 

The modular nature of the system means it can be adapted to overcome a range of access issues with great ease in a short space of time and can also be used in conjunction with other access products. 


Installation is very simple requiring only a rubber mallet. Tiles can be easily cut and minor adjustments made to allow for kerbs, drainage and door frames, creating an exact fit and providing the perfect solution to overcome thresholds both indoors and outdoors.


The tiles are extremely strong, robust and durable and have been certified to withstand a load of up to 80 tons per square metre.

Ramp Kit 3 (112 mm)

Colour: Grey
  • Specifications


    Ramp Kit 3

    Max Height:  112mm
    Width:    750mm
    Length:    750mm 
    Weight:    9.5kg
    Colour:    Grey


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