The Aidapt Male Urinal is ideal for use in the bedroom where users struggle to get to the bathroom. It is lightweight and has a 1000ml capacity. The Male Urinal has an integrated carry handle and anti spill lid, a useful feature not always included in portable male urinals. It is ideal for travel and long car journeys.
Portable Male Urinal is handy for use in the bedroom for people who struggle to get to the bathroom



  • 1000ml capacity and integral handle for ease of emptying.
  • Anti spill lid helps avoid unwanted accidents
  • Ideal for travel use on long car journeys.
  • Re-usable

Male Urinal

  • Clean your Personal Toileting Aid using a suitable disinfectant. Abrasive cleaners and/ or
    abrasive cleaning pads may damage the product beyond repair and should not be used.
    Always ensure that you wipe dry the equipment after cleaning. 


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