The Thoughtfully Designed Easy to see measuring jug is ideal for those with a degree of sight loss. Large print makes accurate measuring easy. The spout has a very handy rest built into the mould so this jug rests neatly on the container for spill free pouring. Ideal for those with low vision.

Easy To See Measuring Jug Ideal For Low Vision

  •                Easy to see measuring jug with easy grip handle
                                           Model TDSJUG


    • The jug has a large base to make it stable and is designed to fit on the Thoughtfully Designed talking kitchen scale.
    • It is printed on the outside with large easy to see markings in 

        ml, pints & UK fl oz.

    • The handle has an easy to grip shaped foam sleeve.
    • The pourer has a locating groove on the underside that can rest on the edge of other containers when pouring.


    Warning !


    • Always use the jug on a flat level surface.
    • Take extra care when using the jug with hot contents and beaware that the contents and jug may become very hot after usein a microwave.
    • The jug can be washed in a dishwasher, however it is recommended to hand wash in warm soapy water as dishwashers will gradually erode the markings and the surfacemay become scratched.
    • Dishwashing at high temperature may also reduce the elasticityof the foam grip 
    • Important: Clean the jug in warm soapy water and rinse before first use.
    • Please note that the jug could be very heavy when full.




    • The jug has been carefully calibrated but due to possible
    • discrepancies in print alignment we specify a tolerance of 5% inthe measurement markings.



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